Drone Survey & Analysis

Drones are expanding faster than ever in a variety of industries, especially in agriculture, where there is an ever increasing demand for sustainable crops and food security.

Precision data derived from agricultural drone monitoring and analysis, assists farmers to optimize the input and reduce costs, Crop losses and bad yield is avoided by early detection and identification of certain conditions affecting crop health.

In order to achieve the best quality and accurate analysis, we use the

MicaSence RedEdge M, 5 band Hypespectral sensor for the NDVI analysis and the Sony A6000 (RGB) for mapping and production of Geo-referenced Ortho mosaics.


With the use of hyperspectral image technology, we can now detect and assess crop health with the use of NDVI analysis, perform soil analysis, calculate field uniformity and canopy cover, calculate Chlorophyll and Nitrogen content, identify irrigation issues and perform plant counting calculations to collect vital information on persisting conditions.

Informed decisions, recommendations and actions can now be based on reliable and accurate information.

This is referred to as "Precision Agriculture" or "Smarter Farming"

Drone survey,mapping.ndvi analysis,agricuture,precision farming
Drone survey,mapping.ndvi analysis,agricuture,precision farming
Plant health,NDVI
Plant health,NDVI,Rededge,Micasence,Ortho photo, Geo tiff
Micasence,Rdedge,5 bnd, ndvi,nir

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