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About Us

Originally known as "Gis & Gps Solutions". The company has been in operation since 1999 with a single mission: 

"to be successful, creative and innovative"

Over the past seventeen years we have successfully completed over 400 000ha of turnkey Geo-Spatial mapping projects, throughout Southern Africa and neighboring states.

We have facilitated projects such as:  

                             - Data assembly and database structure & design

                             - Plantation and road audits & exception reporting

                             - Conservation mapping and OAM plans

                             - Site Species matching with soils, climate,  slope and aspect

                             - Harvesting analysis for extraction methods

                             - Line of Site analysis for Fire protection

                             - Image processing & analysis

                             - Loss & Gain analysis

                             - Cadastral verification projects and much more

We have recently changed the name to "DMA Geo-Spatial", and in addition, acquired a Remote Pilots License (RPL) with the aim of expanding our services with Drone surveys. Specifically for quick access to RBG and NDVI imagery to produce analysis and solutions on problems such as plant growth, plant health, soil moisture, drainage and more.

"Our mission is to not only meet, but maximize our client's

objectives through quality service"

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